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Held a summer camp 'Coding for Art' for middle school kids. View their SVG art works on the camp website.
KSU CCSE will host SIGITE 2023 conference. Visit the official website at
IT capstone project website is up. The report is posted for spring 2023.
IT capstone project report posted for fall 2022.
Back to IT capstones as the IT 7993 Graduate Capstone coordinator.
Just got an internal grant from College of Science and Math to build a student success and curriculum dashboard.
The Data Analytics and Intelligence Technology Certificate 3.0 is available.
HoneyBaked Ham started a collaboration with our capstone coures on projects to build dashboards and scorecards using Power BI.
BSIT major revision is now completed. A data analytics and technolgoy concentration is going live. The first class IT 3703 Intro to Data Analytics and Technology is offered in fall 2020.
Got ALG open learning materials grants on IT 4403 Advanced Mobile and Web Applications.
Got ALG open learning materials grants on IT 3703 Intro to Data Technology and IT 7113 Data Visualization.
Just got two more ALG open learning materials grants (IT 4213 Mobile Web and IT 6713 Business Intelligence).
OwlExpress Flex beta is online. It provides a flexible and easier interface to search for KSU class schedules.
Got an ALG open learning materials grant on IT 3203/4203 web development.
MSIT has completed a major revision (down to 30 hours; capstone added; data analytics focused).
Book chapter "Data Visuaspanzation for Business Intelspangence" is published.

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